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Consumer Debt Collection Defense

Whether a creditor is demanding payment, or has instituted legal action to collect a debt, you have rights and protections. At Laidler Law, we possess the knowledge and experience to effectively defend or mitigate a debt collection attack. Whether pre-judgment or post-judgment, we provide your best chance for terminating the debt or reducing the damage to your pocketbook.

Whether a creditor is demanding payment for a credit card, student loan, mortgage, line of credit or any other debt, Laidler Law has the ability to provide sound, effective and affordable representation. Regardless of where you are in the process, e.g. pre-suit payment demand, suit, post-judgment or garnishment, we are confident we can provide a quality result. Additionally, if you have issues regarding credit reporting, know that you have rights and protections in that respect as well.

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 Posted on : February 17, 2015