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Often times, first contact with the legal system arrives in the form of a criminal charge ofminor in possession of alcohol. Although not considered a severe crime, the trend in recent years has been for prosecutors and judges to take the charge very seriously. Further, a minor in possession conviction will be a blemish on a young person’s record, there to be viewed and scrutinized by prospective employers. Attorney Kevin Laidler is experienced in defending those charged as a minor in possession of alcohol. He understands the nuances of defending such a charge. Additionally, attorney Laidler knows the temperaments and attitudes of many of Michigan’s district court judges, and he uses that knowledge to provide clients with a deeper understanding of possible outcomes and a more effective defense. If you have been charged as a minor in possession of alcohol, don’t consider it a trivial matter. Protect your rights and give yourself the best fighting chance with Laidler Law Office in Lake Orion Michigan. Call (248) 693-2300 for a free consultation, or arrange an appointment at

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 Posted on : February 21, 2015